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The process of development and accomplishment of a project includes the following stages:


  • clarification of the assignment and preparation of specification;

Clarification of the assignment for each web project is a very important stage of the whole development process. That is the stage where we will ask a great number of questions that mean to reveal to us, in the best possible way, your requirements and expectations of the end product.


  •  choice of technologies;

The choice of technologies is a result of the already prepared assignment and specification. Correctly chosen technologies guarantee the future successful project development. It is highly important that this stage of the process is not ignored, because a wrong decision may bring about large future expenditures.


  • graphic concept make;

Graphic concept is not design. That is the stage where we solely determine the direction, style and the overall message of the project. It is important that we go through several different concepts to be sure that we have made the correct choice.


  • designing;

Design is a combination of creativity and manipulation means. Good design will combine excellent usability and a moderate doze of creativity.


  • programming and development;

That is the most important stage of the project. There, our programmers give life to all the pictures we have discussed together previously.


  • testing and quality control;

All software contains some trifle or significant discrepancies. Even the Windows you are using not always behaves as you expect it to or as it is supposed to. That is why the testing stage is really important. That is the time we discover errors and remedy discrepancies.


  • additional developments.

No matter how well-made and well-planned a project is, its final stage always shows there are things that have been missed. The final stage or additional developments is for finishing touches of the small details – the ones that make the project awesome!


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